Our quality full leaf teas are specifically produced to preserve the integrity of the delicate tea leaf and maintain the unique notes of flavour. As the gorgeous leaf unfurls in your cup it will steadily release the essential oils, anti-oxidants and general goodness whilst delivering the most spectacular cup.




About our Tea

We have travelled incredibly long and far in pursuit of the very best tea the world has to offer. We have tried to emulate the true ancient masters of this age-old art form. The Toni Glass Collection is a remarkable infusion of both tradition and new age tea drinking. We are the perfect blend of modern sophistication and style coupled with the true legacy of the leaf. All our teas are the finest full leaf teas and have been hand selected to create an ensemble of flavour. Our gourmet teas are not only unique but offer a truly impressive selection for the entire spectrum of palates.

Our collection can be enjoyed as a traditional loose leaf tea or as a silken bag offering. Each tea bag is housed in its own individual designer box offering a further dimension to this poly-sensual tea drinking experience. Make no mistake, this is by no means your ordinary cup of tea, our focus is on the ultimate tea experience where we trace the path from picking to pouring. We offer both local and international blends and have been referred to as “The Bentley of tea.”

Our Legend

Hello there, I am pleased to meet you, let me begin by introducing myself, I am a little tea leaf and most people call me Tea, some people prefer to call me Tay, Thee or even Cha.

I come from a family of tea leaves but not just from any tea family, I come from the world famous Camellia family. My family are the reason you can sit back and enjoy a truly great cup of tea.

This greatness never came so easy. It all started when my great great great grandfather, pappa green tea, saved himself for that perfect windy day when he made the absolute sacrifice and jumped into a pot of boiling hot water. This was no accident, pappa green chose this day carefully in 2737 BCE. He knew all along that Emperor Shin Nun would enjoy his refreshing and revitalising taste.

This is where our legend began. From that day on, our reputation grew and my whole family was suddenly in great demand. At first we were mostly used as tonics or medicine, but soon, things changed forever. Through the seasons of time, my ancestors travelled across the continents of Asia, Europe, America and Africa. We were first enjoyed by the wealthy and aristocratic, but soon our fame spread to all.

Today we are proud to say that we are the most popular beverage worldwide.

I have first cousins that are called Oolongs and second cousins that are called Black teas but every leaf enjoys claiming to be a branch of our great clan. The only black leaf of the family is my uncle who chose to marry out. His children are still considered cousins but go by the name Herbal. These teas are the more arty side of the family and make for a very interesting mix. But as a family we are all proud ambassadors of tranquility, harmony, respect and purity.

I am now living here in South Africa and have met such wonderful warm people. My treasured friend Toni Glass discovered my great qualities and regal lineage and she has insisted that I always look good and so she has offered me a lovely home.

Today I can be seen in and around your city in designer ware and choose to unwind in your cup. So sip me slowly, savour my taste and tell my story.

love Tea


“When reading tea leaves the outcome is usually more promising when your starting point is a full leaf tea.” – Toni Glass

Why the
Silken Bag?

The exquisite silken tea bag is the perfect solution for those who appreciate the quality and flavour of a traditional full leaf tea coupled with the convenience of the tea bag. Our cutting edge pyramid shaped biodegradable silken bag combines a quality textile with a superior design. This combination allows for an effective steep that results in a great quality infusion. The result is conveniently, a perfect cup of tea.

Silken Bag Flavours

Black: African Summer • Black Currant • Ceylon Classic • Chocolate Mint • Chocolate & Hazelnut • Cinnamon • Earl Grey Finest • English Breakfast • Fruit Cocktail • Masala Chai O / FT • Peaches & Ginger • Vanilla Black
Herbal: Chamomile • Exotic Plum • Mint V • Peppermint • Rooibos O • Rooibos Chai • Rooibos Cranberry

Green: Emperor’s Green O • Green Lemongrass & Ginger • Jasmine Dragon • Lemon Green
Oolong: Ginger Oolong • Pomegranate Oolong
White: Vanilla White

O (Organic) FT Fair Trade


“The traditional method of preparing the perfect cup of tea.”- Toni Glass


Loose Leaf Flavours

Black Tea: Ceylon Classic • Classic Black O • English Breakfast
Flavoured Black Tea: African Summer • Black Currant • Chocolate • Chocolate Mint • Earl Grey Finest • Fruit Cocktail • Granadilla Jasmine • Cinnamon • Jasmine • Lapsang Souchong • Masala Chai O/FT • Passion Fruit • Peaches & Ginger • Russian Caravan • Vanilla Black
Green Tea: Chinese Gunpowder Green • Morrocan Mint • Emperor’s Green O • Genmaicha • Green Pear O • Green Pomegranate O • Lemongrass Coconut & Ginger • Green Mate O
Herbal Tea: Chamomile • Cucumber Mint O • Hibiscus • Honeybush • Spearmint Peppermint O • Peppermint

Rooibos: Rooibos O • Rooibos (Big Leaf) O • Rooibos/Honeybush O • Rooibos Chai • Cranberry Rooibos • Raspberry Rooibos O/FT • Pear Caramel FT • Tropical Cocktail
Oolong Tea: Peach Oolong O • Pomegranate Oolong
White Tea: Guava Ginger White O • Vanilla White • White Peach O
After Dinner: Green Apple Rooibos • Chocolate Fondue FT • Coconut Pu-erh O • Chocolate & Hazelnut

(Available in bags & tubes)
O (Organic) FT Fair Trade

The Matcha Collection

The Matcha Collection

An ancient and super premium
Japanese tea that has been the
favoured beverage of the Zen
Buddhist monks for over 800 years.
Naturally bright green & full of
goodness, this steamed green tea is
rich in antioxidants, amino acids and
caffeine. Kick start your day with our
Toni Glass Matcha. Go Green and
live your best life.

Available in 100g or 250g bags

Tonic Water

Tonic Water

True to tradition and skillfully blended, Toni Glass brings a Premium and Bespoke
Collection of Tonic Water, that not only revives the authentic and celebrated
“Tonic”, but offers spectacular craft flavours for the contemporary palate and an
unforgettable experience you certainly deserve.

Delicious, refreshing and 100% Sugar-Free!

Available in 250 ml cans
Original • Citrus • Watermelon •
Rose • Pear • G&T

Tonic Water Cont.

Tonic Water

Available in 1.5 litre PET Bottles

Original • Citrus • Watermelon •
Rose • Pear • G&T

Dash Mixers

Dash Mixers

Celebrated by many as “The Dash”, Toni Glass has created a unique range of Sugar Free gourmet Sodas for the truly contemporary palate.

The Dash by Toni Glass is quite simply, an artful blend of spectacular botanicals and craft flavours, coupled with an unforgettable Soda experience you certainly deserve.

Available in 250ml cans and 1,5l bottles
Lemonade • Soda Water • Ginger Ale

Artisanal Soda

Artisanal Soda

Infused with true purpose and inspired by the
natural elements of the Original Soda, Toni Glass
set out on a personal mission to uncover this age-
old wisdom and masterfully blend it with the best
botanicals the world has to offer.

Toni Glass is proud to bring you an “ Artisanal
Soda “ Collection that aims to skillfully serve
the body and mind, is undeniably delicious and
refreshingly contemporary.

Available in 500 ml PET bottles
Lemon & Rose • Juniper & Cucumber •
Ginger Lime • Licorice Mint •
Strawberry & Black Pepper

Rich in heritage, Low in Sugar.
And certainly… Out of the Ordinary!

Herbal Water

Herbal Water

Available in 500 ml glass bottles

Coconut • Licorice • Grapefruit • Vanilla

Herbal Water Cont.

Herbal Water

Toni Glass has over the years cultivated a deep and
delicate understanding of the natural world of botanicals.

True to our Toni Glass heritage, our deliciously crafted
Herbal Water range brings a signature water infused
with only natural ingredients and refreshing goodness.

Zero Sugar • Zero Preservatives • Zero Fat

Available in 500 ml PET bottles

Banana • Coconut • Cherry • Licorice •
Grape • Grapefruit • Raspberry • Vanilla •
Pear • Green Apple




  • 10 Piece Rosewood Stand – Silken Bag
  • 20 Piece Rosewood Stand – Silken Bag
  • 40 Piece Rosewood Stand – Silken Bag
  • 8 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 16 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 48 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 60 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 80 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 120 Piece Gift Pack – Silken Bag
  • 6 Flavour Tonic Gift Pack


Ice Teas

The Toni Glass Collection Ice Tea is an incredible infusion of great quality tea and exceptional fruit flavor. Full of surprise, this contemporary thirst quencher offers the perfect solution to a refreshing lifestyle.

Flavours: Berry Baobab • Kiwi Cucumber & Mint • Melon Goji Green • Lemongrass Coconut & Ginger


Sugar Free Ice Teas

The Toni Glass Sugar-Free Ice Teas are
an incredible infusion of great quality
tea and exceptional super fruit flavour.

Surprising, Quenching and 100% Sugar

Available in 250 ml glass bottles
Sweet Apple Gooseberry • Mulberry
& Marula • Lemon Balm Jujube •
Litchi & Lime




G& Tea – Taking the phrase G&T to another level. Introducing the G&Tea range by
Toni Glass that seduces the senses with a fabulous fruity infusion of ice tea and Gin.

Flavours: Berry Baobab • Kiwi Cucumber & Mint • Melon Goji Green • Lemongrass Coconut & Ginger (Recipes available on request)


The Punch Cup – offers a decadent combination of our spectacular Ice teas coupled
with a twist of Vodka and fruit.

Flavours: Berry Baobab • Kiwi Cucumber & Mint • Melon Goji Green • Lemongrass
Coconut & Ginger (Recipes available on request)

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